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UAE’s best Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Center

Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair transplants are the best way to counter hair loss as the new hair are permanent in nature and one can adopt any hairstyle of choice. However, not everyone is comfortable going under the knife and people look for Non-Surgical Hair Replacement options.

Some of these non-surgical procedures too can offer fantastic results and help a person in stemming the flow of hair loss and revive the fantastic looks from years gone by. Non-surgical hair restoration in Dubai is quite an in thing. Let’s learn more about these options to have a better understanding.

Hair replacement systems

Simply put, these are modern day wigs that are customized for a given individual. They have an artificial porous scalp which allows the skin underneath it to breath. Natural hairs are used and the appearance is pretty good. A life of a replacement system is generally two years or less.

These systems need to be adjusted every few weeks in order for them to maintain their shape. They are a good solution in the shorter term but can prove costly in the longer run with the constant need to replace them after a while.


There are two types of medications namely oral and topical that can be used for correcting hair loss. Finasteride is the oral medication that helps in not only stopping the hair loss by countering but also helps in new hair growing. Results are quite effective but the medication must be used permanently and has some very severe side effects in the longer run which make it a less than ideal solution.

Minoxidil is the topical solution that is applied to the hair thinning areas. It stops further hair loss and in some rare cases, hair may grow back as well. Although the side effects are not as severe as the oral medication mentioned above, they are still there. The effects are maintained as long as the medication is being applied, which is a downside in the long run.


This is a fantastic option for people that are suffering from hair thinning. A conglomerate of medications is injected into the mesoderm of the scalp in small quantities to counter hair loss after it has been numbed down with local anesthesia. The injections allow greater circulation of blood and provide the follicles with much needed nutrition. After some time, the dormant follicles start re-growing hair.

While the treatment works quite well for the thinning hair, it is not a solution for someone that has undergone extensive hair loss. The treatment has to be repeated in future as well to maintain the good results which can be a bit of a problem as well.

ACell-PRP Hair Loss Therapy:

This is another fantastic non-surgical hair replacement option that works very well. A combination of ACell’s Matristem system and the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) allows greater nutrition to the scalp. PRP is obtained from the patient’s own blood by centrifuging it. The two are mixed and injected into the scalp to help the hair situation. The dormant follicles get life once again and are able to regrow hair. Results take a few months to show.

After a few sessions, a noticeable difference in the hair can be seen. However, this treatment like mesotherapy is ideal for thinning hair and the results in case of large bald patches may not be as good as hair transplant.

So if you are experiencing some thinning issues, the above mentioned non-surgical hair replacement options may do the trick for you. However, if you have severe hair loss, a Hair Transplant in Dubai remains your best bet to regain hair.

To know more about Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in UAE, call us now or visit us in our clinic. You can also book a free online consultation with our hair loss experts by filling the form on the website.


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