How Nano Graft Hair Transplant in Dubai WorksAre you shedding hair? Do you fear if you kept losing hair at this pace baldness will be around the corner soon? We understand your fear and the agony that you may feel as a bald person. One of the most important factors in one’s appearance is the hair. They can really lift one’s persona in no time. However, hair loss can also damage the good looks in no time as well. In order to counter this problem, hair transplant surgery is the ideal solution.

There are many options when it comes to hair transplant. However, the best of the lot is a Nano graft hair transplant. It is the latest technology that allows excellent hair growth within a year or so. Let’s dig in further to learn more about this treatment, one of the best hair transplant options in Dubai.

How does it work?

A nano graft transplant is no different than a typical hair transplant, except for the size of the grafts used for transplantation. As the surgery begins, the scalp is numbed down with local anesthesia and follicles are collected from the donor sites with the help of a pneumatic punch. These follicles are ready for transplantation and there is no need to store them in saline water.

Special incisions are made by the surgeon in which these follicles are grafted. The finer grafts are placed at the front to allow a natural look to the hairline while the thicker ones are placed in the mid-region of the scalp.


It is important to follow the instructions by the doctor to allow a quick recovery. Be sure to rest well so that the small injuries heal quickly. Avoid heavy exercise, lifting weights and smoking. Most of these restrictions are temporary. You should take a few days off from work to ensure things remain on track.

The hair growth

The newly transplanted hair will fall away within a few weeks which is entirely fine. This is a result of process known as shock loss in which your scalp and the follicles protest against the shock that has been caused during graft harvesting, site creation and graft transplantation. New hair growth will start in about three months. To reach the full length, the hair can take twelve months or more.

Once your hair grow out and reach full length, you can adopt any hairstyle that you desire. It will greatly boost your confidence and self-image. So take the first step in the right direction and see a hair transplant surgeon now.

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