Al Ain Hair Transplant Clinic

For men it is important to appear nothing short of their very best. It takes a lot of effort as they have to take good care of every aspect of their personality. There are, however, certain factors that are hard to control. One of these factors is hair loss. It is a natural process the affects about 80% of the world’s population.

It can affect a persona at a young age. As the hair strands start to fall away, the options for different styles become less and less. Eventually most people settle for boring buzz cuts and other similar options. People in the UAE are very particular about their appearance and same is the case for the oil rich city of Al Ain.

In order to counter the problem, there is a fantastic option for you in form of a hair transplantation in Al Ain. It is a highly effective procedure that brings the desired results within a few months let’s learn further about it to see how it can help.

What causes hair loss?

Before getting to the treatment, understanding the causes of hair loss are important. Men lose hair due to androgenic alopecia. In this hereditary condition, a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) has extreme ill effects on the hair follicles. It eventually leads to thinning and dormancy of the follicles.

Why is hair transplant a good option?

Hair transplants use hair from the back and the sides of the scalp. These areas are known as the donor areas. Hairs from these areas hardly ever fall since they are naturally resistant to the ill effects of DHT. Once they are moved to a new location, they maintain this ability to fight DHT and thus do not undergo further fall.

The process

The process of hair transplant starts with planning which is done a few days in advance. The procedure itself starts with numbing down of the scalp. Collection of the hair follicles is the next step. There are numerous follicle collection options that can be used.

Once the follicles have been acquired, the surgeon makes incisions using specialized needles in the recipient area. The grafts are placed into these incisions individually using the micro grafting technique. The hairline is first built followed by placement of grafts in the mid-region.

The process takes a few hours to complete. In about three month, the transplanted hair starts to grow out of these sites and takes about a year to reach full length. This time can vary in individual cases. Once that happens, these hairs are there for good and you can adopt any style that you like.

Where to Find Hair Transplant Clinic in Al-Ain?

So if you want to get a low cost hair transplant in Al Ain (Garden City) with excellent results without pain and scar,  visit Dubai Hair Club Al Ain Branch and get the procedure done by highly skilled surgeons. Get a hair transplant today and you will be glad that you made the right choice and brought back the x-factor in your personality.