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Top 3 Tips Revealed by Dubai Hair Club to Cure Baldness

How to cure baldnessHair loss is a common issues globally and it is hard to find anyone who is excited about it. Generally hair loss is a result of a hereditary condition known as androgenic alopecia. It can affect a person as early as in teens or as late as in their 80s. Statistically speaking, it affects more than 80% of the world’s population.

Being bald at any age can pretty badly damage the overall persona. It can take away the good looks and leave very few styling choices. There are options which people exercise in order to get rid of this problem. Let’s look at the various options and learn about a cure for baldness.

1. Hair pieces

Traditionally, unsightly toupees were used to cover the bald scalp. Most of the times, they looked obviously fake. The modern day version of these toupees are the hair replacement systems. These systems have natural hair and a porous artificial scalp as well.

Once put in place, they usually are effective for a couple of years after which they need to be replaced. They also need to be fixed professionally every few weeks to ensure that maintain their natural feel. Although these are an effective way to counter the baldness, it is not a cure.

2. Medications

There are two main types that are used for hair loss. The first is an oral medication known as Finasteride. It is highly effective in stopping hair loss and usually many of the lost hair also grow back. However, it needs to be used permanently to maintain the results. There are certain severe side effects that can kick in after a long term use including effects on the liver. This prescription only medication is effective but should only be taken after an extensive discussion with your doctor. It is not exactly a permanent cure due to the nature of its usage and risks associated.

Minoxidil is a solution that is applied to the scalp in order to stop hair loss. It is effective in countering hair fall but hair regrowth is rare. It too needs to be used permanently to maintain results.There are some side effects that are associated with it. It has both over the counter and prescription only solutions available. Always consult your doctor before using such a product. While it can provide temporary relief, it is not a cure for the problem.

3. Hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant surgeries are the only permanent solution for hair loss. They are somewhat expensive and have some downtime with them but once the hair grow out, they do not undergo further loss which makes it so much better than the rest of the options. The extra effort is surely worthwhile.

The idea behind hair transplants is uncomplicated. The hair at the side and the back of the head never undergo loss. This is because they are resistant to the ill effects of DHT, a male hormone that causes hair loss. These hair are used in the transplant. Once they grow out at their new sites, they maintain their resistance to DHT.

There are numerous transplant options that are available. With time, the procedures are getting better and more grafts can be placed in a single session. The success percentage also have increased dramatically and some transplant options boasts 100% success rate.

So if you are looking for a cure for baldness, hair transplant surgery is the only effective solution. Get it done and within a year, you will be enjoying natural lock on the previously bald areas of the head.


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