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5 Summer hair care tips for men and women to keep your hair beautiful

5 Summer hair care tips for men and women Summer is upon us and with all the joys and fun times, it is sure to bring hair trouble with it. Most of the good times spent with the family are under the sun which can cause hair troubles. It is a universal problem that hair gets sticky, dry and frizzy during summers.

In order to counter these issues and ensure that your hair remains healthy, a few simple steps can be more than useful. Both men and women can protect their hair and ensure that it does not get damaged by the scorching sun by adopting simple hair care tips.

Let’s learn about these small yet very useful summer hair care tips for men and women this season. Enjoy the good times without a worry about your hair.


  1. Use UV hair protection

One of the main reasons for hair damage during summers in both the sexes is the exposure of hair to the Ultraviolet rays of sun. These UV rays are highly damaging for the skin and the hair. It is a constant issue when you are out in the sun. To counter it, a sunscreen lotion designed especially for hair can be applied. These are available at drugstores and you can use them before going out much like UV protection for your skin. This can reduce the ill effects of the sun light in a big way.

  1. Keep your hair covered

Using a hat or a scarf is an excellent way to keep your hair out of harm’s way during summers. This not only keeps the UV rays away but also locks the moisture in the hair. This cuts on the extra dryness that the hair experience after a day out in the sun. A little effort needs to be made to get in the habit of covering your head but it can pay big time by the end of the season.

  1. Give them regular washes

Once you have come back home after a day under sun, it is never bad idea to wash your hair to get all the dirt and sweat out of them. This helps your follicular health in general as well since keeping your hair hygiene helps in healthy growth. You should also use a good quality conditioner that works for your hair type. This will help you retain the moisture in the hair which is often lost during the summer. If you are unsure which one works for you, consult a doctor on the matter.

  1. Keep hair short

This tip works better for men since most women love their long and luscious locks. Ideally men should keep their hair short to avoid many issues that generally arise with longer hair during summers. Managing shorter hair is also easier in general.

  1. Keep hair compact

It is a great solution for the women who have longer hair. Using a ponytail or braids can help in keeping the hair compact. Be sure though to keep them loose to ensure that the hair is not overburdened by styling. If you have the hair too tight, they are likely going to suffer more from breakages than normal. Tight hair dos in the longer run also have very ill effects on the follicular health and lead to hair loss in women. It can trigger Traction Alopecia, a type of hair loss affecting mostly African-American women.

Take these simple precautions and you should have a fantastic summer with lots of joy and fun. Don’t let the heat take away your fun. Your hair care this summer will be simpler and more effective than ever before.

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