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What is the Average Rate of Hair Growth after Hair Transplant Surgery?

hair growth after hair transplant surgeryHair loss is a big problem for many as it can affect the personality in an ill manner. Generally it is not instant and takes time while one can do little. Slowly the hairstyle options get fewer and fewer and eventually they are nonexistent. Most people either go bald or opt for a buzz cut to try and look stylish.

There are numerous ways to counter this issue. From oral and topical medications to toupees to the modern hair replacement systems, all offer decent results. However, these are all temporary fixes and once their usage is stopped, the results go away. These options not only are temporary but also cost a fair bit.

The only permanent solution available for hair loss is a hair transplant surgery. There are numerous options available in this regard and you can choose one after consulting with your hair transplant surgeon. You can get your hair back which do not undergo loss in the future.

One of the common concerns among transplant candidates is what is the rate at of hair growth after the transplant. Here is the answer:

The rate of hair growth

After the transplant procedure, it takes a few weeks before the newly grafted hair shed. This is a completely natural process as they make way for the new hair to grow. For most people, the newly transplanted hair will surface in three to four months’ time. This can lead to some itching which one must endure for a few days.

After seven to eight months of the transplant, a significant number of new hair will be visible on the scalp and the overall appearance will start to transform. By this time, most follicles are into action. Eventually, it should take twelve to eighteen months before the hair reach full length and you are able to select any hairstyle of your choice.

Why is there variation in time period?

There are a couple factors that cause the variation in results of Hair Grafting. Firstly, no two individuals are exactly the same and the rate at which the new hair grow varies due to this. For some, the new hair may grow to full length in less than a year while others may need more than eighteen months.

Another factor is the phase in which a follicle is at the time of harvesting. If a transplanted follicle is in resting phase, it will take longer to grow out than the rest of the hair. You can expect some of the follicles to be in the resting phase at the time of transplantation.

How to get the best results?

You can have the best results with proper planning, proper execution and proper post-procedure care. The first two steps are controlled by the doctor, the third one is in your own hands. Be sure to follow all instructions from the doctor. This can help in getting the ideal results from surgical hair restoration.

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