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Hair Transplant Procedures: : All that You Need to Know

Hair transplant proceduresHair transplants are the preferred option these days in order to counter hair loss. There is no doubt that these are the most practical option as well due to the excellent results that are on offer. Unlike years gone by, the transplant these days give very natural looking results.

People have many questions about the hair transplants. Most of them revolve around the cost of the treatment, the different transplant options and the eventual results from the hair transplant. We shall take a brief look in all of these matters one by one in the following lines.

Hair transplant options

There are numerous hair transplants options available in this day and age. They all offer fantastic results. There are certain differences between these surgeries which are mainly related with extraction of hair follicles for the transplant and its effects on the overall results of the procedure.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), otherwise known as the strip method, works with a strip of scalp removed from the donor region and the individual grafts are separated. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) works with a pneumatic punch that removes individual follicles which are ready to be transplanted.

The Stem Cell FUE uses the same principal as FUE except a mechanized device is used to collect the follicles at a greater speed. Micro grafting technique is used to transplant the follicles in the recipient area. The finer grafts are placed in the hairline whereas the thicker ones are placed in the mid scalp region to build the volume and a natural look.

The Hair Transplant Results

The overall appearance will be based on the number of grafts done which eventually determines the density of the transplanted hair. The hair start growing out in about three months’ time and reach full length around a year mark. In some cases, it can take up to 18 months for the full growth to be notable.

Once the hair grow out, they will not undergo further loss and one can style them anyway he/she likes. They give a natural appearance and transform the personality in an amazing fashion. Your new hairline wouldn’t be like the one you had in your teens but it will still look great.

The Hair Transplant Cost

Your hair transplant cost will depend upon various factors. These Include:

  • Number of grafts transplanted: The cost of the treatment depends on a number of factors. First and foremost, it is the number of grafts that are being done. Usually all surgeons have a certain cost per graft calculated. There will be a substantial difference in cost between 1500 and 2500 grafts.
  • The procedure used: The procedure one opts for also has a say on the cost. There is a fair difference of price between say strip method transplant and Stem Cell FUE. Consult your doctor to learn more about the precise costs of the procedure.
  • Surgeon’s experience and expertise: The skills and expertise of the surgeon also count for much as a more skilled surgeon with qualifications and relevant experience in the field, and a good repute is likely to charge more for the services in comparison with someone who is freshly qualified.
  • Location of provider: Your provider’s geographic location is also a key cost determinant. Hair Transplant in Dubai is significantly less expensive as compared to getting the surgery done in some developed country like UK or USA.

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