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How Long Should it Take to See the Results of Hair Transplant Surgery?

hair transplant surgeryHair loss is one of the most common and at the same time annoying natural issues that affect majority of the world’s population. While women tend to experience thinning that is not very obvious, hair loss in men is a lot more pronounced and clear.

The main reason behind the hair loss in men is known as androgenic alopecia, also referred to as male pattern baldness. The condition is hereditary and is caused by the presence of a male hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Hair transplants are the only effective and permanent solution. The reason that transplanted hair does not undergo further loss is that it is taken from regions of the head (the back and sides) which are immune to the ill effects of DHT. While the transplant works, it does take some time for the hair to grow. Let’s take a closer look into the matter to better understand the process and how long it should take you to get your hair back.

The procedure briefly

The hair transplant procedure starts off with numbing down of the donor and recipient areas. Up next, the follicles are collected for the purpose of grafting. This process varies in different transplant options. Once this is done, the surgeon makes incisions in the recipient site so that the grafts can be transplanted. After carefully inserting the grafts into the incisions, the recipient area is bandaged.

Post-procedure care

Post-procedure care is very important if you want to get good results from the transplant.

  • In the first few days, you will have to rest to allow the scalp to heal.
  • Certain everyday chores like exercising and massaging the scalp will have to be avoided.
  • You may also be given some pain killers to counter headaches which can take place in some cases.
  • You must not smoke for several weeks after the procedure has been carried out as it can have severe adverse effects on the outcome.
  • Scabs will form on your scalp which should fall away on their own in a few days, do not try to force them out.

If you follow these and all instructions by your doctor to the letter, you should have fantastic results.

The results from the surgery

The transplanted hair first shed which is a natural process. This takes place a few weeks after the procedure. Within three months of the transplant, new hairs start emerging from the newly made sites in the recipient area. This process can cause itching so one must be patient for a while.

To reach full length the hair can take around a year to eighteen months. There are individual variations and some people may achieve the length earlier than others. Once the hairs are out, you can enjoy any hairstyle of your liking. Enjoy the new freedom and flaunt your locks.

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