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Hair Transplant in Sharjah at Amazing Price at UAE’s Best Clinic

best hair transplant in Sharjah UAE is quickly becoming the hotspot for hair transplant surgery. People from within the Emirates as well as overseas seek transplants here to get the finest treatments and results. The state of the art facilities and the best hair transplant surgeons make it easy for hair transplant candidates to choose UAE.

Dubai Hair Club is a leading hair restoration facility in UAE offering the most amazing price for Hair Transplant in Sharjah. People from every part of the Emirates come to our clinic for hair transplantation along with our international clientele. We offer a number of hair transplant options at our clinic to ensure we have an option for everyone. Let’s dig in a little more to learn more about why DHC is your best bet.

Our facility

We just do not boast being the best clinic for Hair Transplant in UAE, we also prove it. We have all the latest equipment available for adding the hair transplant surgeries. This allows our surgeons to perform their tasks with ease and precision. We also have a highly trained team of technicians which assist the surgeons throughout the process in a highly effective manner.

Our surgeons

Our surgeons have some of the most well-known names in the hair transplant industry in the UAE and are enormously respected. They are highly skilled with numerous qualifications with years and years of experience not just at home but overseas as well. They know their craft inside out and ensure that you get the finest results.

All your individual needs will be taken into account and the course of action including how many grafts you need, which transplant procedure to opt for and how to build the appearance of your new hair will be decided. Nothing is left to guess work and every matter is made crystals clear by our surgeons.

Hair transplant options

There are numerous hair transplant options that we present to our clients. These include the traditional Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) – otherwise known as the strip method – Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and the Stem Cell FUE.

Great results can be had from all these procedures and the hair can return to your scalp. The variety of options also allows for you to get a transplant done on a budget. You do not need to spend massive sums to get hair restoration in Al Majaz, you can get it for a great deal at out clinic.

Where to get a hair transplantation in Sharjah?

Whether you are living in Al Nahda or Al Khan, whether you are located in Al Qasimiyah, Bu Shagarah, Industrial Area or Rolla, you can always set up an appointment with us and learn more about the many possibilities you can explore regarding hair transplants. We have all the options you need and we offer the results you want. Come to us and take advantage of the best hair transplant in Sharjah at an amazing price.


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