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Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai- An Overview

how much hair transplant priceRecently hair transplant has gained steady momentum among cosmetic surgeries not only around the world but in Dubai as well. This procedure is particularly popular among men as a vast majority living in the Arabian city suffers from receding hairline and semi-full baldness.

Crucial Factors to consider before a hair transplant:

The two most crucial factors that one has to take into consideration before opting for a hair transplant are quality and cost. It is by no means a necessity that high cost will ensure top quality; instead it is highly recommended that you conduct a thorough research before paying a buck for a handsome scalp.

While quality of the surgery depends a lot on experience and surgical skills of your doctor, cost depends upon a number of factors. The cost of surgical hair restoration in Dubai mainly depends upon following 5 factors:

  1. Size of bald area and number of grafts required
  2. Transplantation technique used
  3. Expertise of the surgeon
  4. Location of the Hair Transplant Clinic
  5. Reputation of the clinic

Size of area and number of grafts required:

Most of the clinics and doctors’ charge their patients on the basis of per grafts. Greater the number of grafts required, the higher the hair transplant cost will be. Not everyone sheds same amount of hair or has the same hair loss pattern. So, it varies from person to person, depending upon the size of bald area and the donor grafts needed to achieve desired hair density.

Cost Dependency on Transplantation Method

The cost of the hair transplant procedure also depends on the method of transplantation. There are two types of hair transplant procedures performed most frequently:

  1. FUT or strip removal method
  2. FUE or follicular unit extraction method

In the FUT or strip removal method a portion of the scalp from the backside is removed resembling a strip.While this procedure is invasive it nonetheless, enables the extraction of large number of donor hair. It takes less time and costs less as well.

In the FUE or follicular unit extraction method every grafts is harvested individually and precision is required which takes a considerable time to perform. This is why FUE costs more that the traditional strip removal method. It is recommended that you discuss both the procedures with your surgeon and see what he/she has to say about it.

The Location of the Hair Transplant Clinic

One factor that holds key importance in determining hair transplant cost is the location of the clinic. For instance a clinic in the US or UK would cost a lot more for the same procedure as compared to a Hair clinic in Dubai or any other city of some developing country. This metropolitan hub caters the need of hair transplant seekers from all around the world with a balanced cost and quality. Thousands of people travel to UAE every year to get Hair Transplant.

Reputation of the clinic

The reputation of the clinic also sets the cost of the procedure as the clinics with their base in developed countries cost much higher than those with their head offices within Dubai or other developing countries.

All the mentioned factors will have their impact on the final cost of your hair transplant procedure.

Average estimated price of hair restoration in Dubai

Dubai offers a vast variety of different hair transplant clinics with competing hair transplant cost. Dubai has a strict regulatory policy towards medical and healthcare services, which ensures no compromise on quality of treatment from these hair transplant clinics.

Average Hair Transplant Cost in UAE is around AED 8 – AED 12 per transplanted graft. So keeping this in mind we can conclude that a hair transplant with 1,000 grafts would roughly cost around AED 8,000 to AED 12,000. This, however, is by no means the final calculation and you will need to do some research yourself and consequently find a hair transplant clinic offering a price that suits you.

Never make a decision in haste, as a customer it is your right to ask the surgeon as many questions possible and not to commit to a surgery until and unless you are satisfied by the surgeon and the overall condition of the hair transplant clinic.

Since Dubai exercises strict healthcare regulations you won’t have to search too far to find a hair transplant clinic that offers the best price for the hair transplant meeting your demand. If you want the best price for your hair transplant then it is highly recommended that you get this procedure done in Dubai.

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