How to cure baldness in UAEDubai Hair Club is internationally renowned clinic for treating hair loss in Dubai and delivering excellent results using both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration techniques. The clinic offers baldness treatments to both men and women. Conveniently located minute’s walk from Oud Metha metro station in Bur Dubai, the clinic has grown to become one of the Middle East’s most renowned clinics specialized in the most effective clinically proven treatments for thinning of hairs. It is very common phenomenon that affects more than 80% of world’s population at some stage in life. By the age of 50, half of the people are affected by it. This number goes up to 80% in people 80 years old. It can take place at any time. Some people are affected by it in teens while others may experience it in their old age. It is equally common in both the sexes though the way it affects them varies in a big way.

Dubai Hair Club hair thinning treatments include:

  • Acell+PRP
  • Mesotherapy
  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • Strip Hair Transplant
  • Stem Cell FUE
  • Nano Graft Hair Transplant

What are the causes of losing hairs:

The most common cause is known as Androgenic Alopecia, a hereditary condition. In this condition, the presence of high levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the main problem. It is a male hormone that makes the hair follicle shrink and ultimately fall off. DHT is present not just in men but also in women, but in lesser quantities.

In men, this problem results in very obvious bald patches on the scalp. In extreme cases, all hairs are lost except for those that are present in the side and back of the scalp. They do not fall because of their natural resistance to the ill effects of DHT. This type of hair thinning is commonly known as Male Pattern Baldness.

In women, this issue is less obvious as the volume of the hair decreases and the thinning takes place equally. Generally there are no particular areas that are not affected by DHT. It is very rare that women develop fully bald patches on the scalp. The process of losing hais in women is known as Female Pattern Baldness.

In order to counter this problem, there are numerous treatments available in UAE. Some people start using home remedies which can usually help in slowing down the process of losing hairs. Others may use medications that need to be used for a long term to stop it and in some cases, even reverse it. Some who lose their hair may bring unsightly toupees to use or even opt for the modern day version of these toupees which are the hair replacement systems.
Though most of these ideas work to some extent, the only permanent solution to baldness is a hair transplant. These are commonly carried in men though in some rare cases, women too can undergo hair transplants. The transplanted hair are taken from the areas that are not affected by DHT and therefore they do not undergo further loss.
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What are the Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Androgenic AlopeciaTreatment for Female losing hairs

Androgenic Alopecia is a common type of hair loss in both men and women. When affecting the male members of the society, this condition is named as male pattern baldness, while in case of women it is dubbed as female pattern baldness. The word “pattern” is self-explanatory, meaning a person suffering from androgenic alopecia exhibits a well defined pattern of hair thinning (in case of women) and baldness (in case of men).

What is worst about baldness caused by androgenic is the fact that lost hair does not grow back at its own. To counter the thinning/balding effects of alopecia you will need a special cure like hair transplant. In Dubai contact our clinic for the best treatment to cure hair loss in UAE through hair restoration surgery.

Before discussing alopecia treatment, let’s have a look at its causes and symptoms.

Possible Causes of androgenic alopecia:

There is no other known cause of male pattern baldness but your genes. Androgenic alopecia generally runs in families. If you see a lot of shinning heads in your family tree, chances are high that you may also end up with a significantly receded hairline or a bald crown. There are some medical conditions as well that can cause alopecia in men. These include coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, insulin disorders and enlargement of the prostate or prostate cancer.

Androgenic alopecia pattern in men:

Male pattern baldness begins with hair thinning above temples and over time progresses upwards and backwards to form the alphabetic letter “M”. Hair thinning also occurs at the crown area but it primarily affects the temples. Men who also experience thinning in the crown area end up with a completely bald thatch.

Androgenic alopecia pattern in women:

The baldness pattern in women is less notable as compared to their male counterparts. Women do not exhibit completely bald patches. Instead, they suffer from diffused hair thinning all over the head. The crown area gets maximum effect while the hairline, in most cases, remains intact. To treat women hair loss in Dubai, we offer surgical hair restoration with assured results.

How common is androgenic alopecia?

Although alopecia affects both men and women the former are more vulnerable to it, courtesy their good genes. According to a latest research, up to 60 percent of men and 40 percent women suffer from androgenic alopecia at some stage in their lifetime. A survey estimated that only in the United States 35 million men are struggling with androgenic alopecia. To treat this problem, we offer amazing treatments for baldness in Dubai.

Is alopecia reversible?

Thinning of hair caused by androgenic alopecia still remains to be irreversible. This is because the condition causes miniaturization of hair follicles to an extent where they lose their ability to grow hair. There are certain FDA-approved medications like Minoxidil and Finasteride, which can help control, and to some extent reverse as well, symptoms of androgenic alopecia. But what makes them not a preferred choice of the sufferers is the fact that they do not offer a permanent solution. As soon as you discontinue use of these medicines, the symptoms start showing up again. Besides, these medicines also have some serious side effects. So why not to undergo a hair transplant in Dubai to treat alopecia on permanent basis.

How to treat Androgenic Alopecia?

If you are looking for a guaranteed and permanent solution for androgenic alopecia, a Hair Transplant Surgery in Dubai may be worth considering. Surgical hair restoration does not hide bald head but cures it. In fact, it is different from all other remedies that people often choose to counter losing of hairs. Permanency in results drives people’s attention towards hair transplantation and gives it a competitive edge.

Here are some of the most effective  home remedies to cure hair loss. Anyone can take benefits from these 5 easy to use remedies without any difficulty.

  1. Hair Oil Massage
  2. Onion Juice
  3. Aloe Vera
  4. Beetroot
  5. Flaxseeds

Without doubt, hair transplant is the most admired and most respected cure for alopecia that is worth your money and time. Dubai Hair Club is a leading name for hair transplant in Dubai. If you are really seeking a permanent fix for baldness, schedule an absolutely free scalp analysis with our experts. All that you need to do is taking out a couple of minutes and fill the consultation form available on the website. Hurry up! It’s a limited time offer.