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Good News for Females losing hair, Amazing way to Fix it

Hair Transplant Surgery for FemalesGone are the days when men were believed to be the lone victims of hair thinning and baldness. Hair loss is on the rise for women too, with a latest study claiming that over 50% of the women suffer from significant hair thinning at least once in their lifetime. If you are one of the 50% females facing the wrath of hair thinning, here is good news for you! Now females losing hair can effectively control and reverse the problem.

Long, lustrous hair are considered as an ultimate symbol of femininity. In many cultures, a head of shiny locks is associated with attractiveness. However, latest studies that most of the women nowadays are struggling with hair thinning problem. A recent survey found that one in every three women in UK has thinning hair. Do you also see a pillow full of hair or a drain clogged with your silky locks every morning? Or your hair are not covering your scalp anymore? Just stop worrying! Read on to know the best ways to restore your crowning glory.

What causes hair loss?

Before sharing with you the solutions to a thinning crown, it is important that you know the underlying cause of hair loss. A treatment sought without knowing the hair loss cause may help you stop hair shedding for a while, but it would never help you keep the problem under control in the long run. First discover the root cause of your problem, take right steps to get it under control and then seek a hair loss treatment to regrow lost hair.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Hereditary/ genetic issues
  • Consuming improper/unhealthy food
  • Over exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Excessive use of heated styling tools
  • Wearing hairstyles that are too tight
  • Regular use of hair extensions and weaves
  • Deficiency of certain nutrients, such as iron and protein
  • Underlying medical problems and

Hair Loss Treatment:

Once you have understood the underlying cause for your hair loss problem, the next step is to see some trichologist to get your diagnosis confirmed. Most of the time patients stop shedding hair by simply treating the underlying cause. But if your hair loss is permanent and there seems to be no chances of reversal with traditional tips and tricks, a hair transplant may be worth considering.

Hair Transplant Surgery for Females:

Female Hair Transplant is not that common, but it is a possibility for females with permanent hair loss. To be a candidate for surgical hair restoration, you should have healthy, balding resistant hair on your head to be transplanted in thinning areas or bald patches, if any. The hair transplant process is just similar to the procedure performed on men’s scalp. Donor hair are extracted from DHT-resistant areas using Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and then planted in the recipient area by crafting tiny incisions there.

When you will see results:

The transplanted hair take a couple of months to attach themselves to blood supply and start growing actively. You can see significant growth by the end of 5th month; however, it takes 8-12 months to see full results.

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