Stem Cell FUE Hair TransplantDubai Hair Club is a well-established clinic with state of the art facilities offering the most advanced hair restoration treatments treat hair thinning on permanent basis. One of those treatments is the Stem Cell hair transplant in Dubai. Hair loss is a natural process that affects a large population of the world. It is present in both the sexes though its impact is different. While women generally tend to experience an even thinning of hair across the scalp, men are affected more severely as they develop bald spots on the head, especially the frontal lobe (hairline and temples) and the crown area. In some cases, they can end up losing most of their hair.

There are numerous reasons of baldness. Hair loss is caused by a hereditary condition known as androgenic alopecia in most cases. The presence of DHT, a male hormone, is the cause of Male Pattern Hair Loss. To counter this issue, hair restoration is an excellent option. There are numerous procedures that are available for this purpose.

Stem Cell FUE  Results

Being one of the most popular treatments for restoring hair, the results are pretty amazing as the bald areas of the scalp are nicely covered with hair. Since the hair in the donor areas are resistant to the effects of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), the newly transplanted hair does not suffer any further loss. For the hair to start growing, a period of at least three months is generally required. For the hair to achieve full length and start growing at a rate of half an inch per month, a period of 12 months is generally taken.

Stem Cell FUE hair transplant generally have a 100% result due to the fast nature of the procedure. The pinhole scars left from the collection of follicles from the donor area is almost invisible. Over 50% of the follicles even grow back in the donor area.

So if you are suffering from hair loss and want to regain your good looks, Stem Cell FUE may be your best option. It offers the finest results that will last most probably for the rest of your life. So it’s high time that you spring into action and benefit from this latest hair transplant technique in Dubai Hair Club.

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