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Hair Transplant for Females

Female Hair Transplant It is a common misconception that women do not experience hair loss. Much like men, most women too experience thinning of hair. And just like their male counterparts, female hair loss patients also usually lose hair due to a hereditary condition known as Androgenic Alopecia. However, the nature of their hair loss is different from men and the measures to counter this problem also vary. Also, the hair loss in men and women follows different patterns.

Women typically suffer from what is known as female pattern hair loss which has certain differences from male pattern baldness. In case of women, the hair thin almost equally throughout the scalp though there are no bald patches in most cases. Unlike men, most women are not very good candidates for a hair transplant and only a small percentage actually gets some surgeries. Let’s take a closer look at the female hair loss.

A look into Female hair transplant

Female hair transplants are done in the same manner as the male procedure. However, the number of female hair transplants done is quite low in comparison with the male counterparts. The two main reasons behind this are the nature of hair loss and the presence of a stable donor area.

Men have a stable hair supply in the donor areas from which follicles are collected for transplantation. These hairs are resistant to the ill effects of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the male hormone that causes hair loss. However, females generally do not have a stable hair region from which hair can be taken for transplant as the hair loss is evenly distributed over the entire scalp. However, some women can have male pattern baldness as well and may have a stable donor supply as well.

In such cases where the transplants are carried out, they are done with the same methods as the male hair transplants. The Strip Removal Method (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Stem Cell FUE may be brought to use. Hair growth also follows the standard timelines in females.

When is female hair transplant a good option?

Apart from male pattern baldness with large bald area on the scalp forcing the procedure to be performed, there are certain situations in which a transplant in females is a great option. Women that have lost hair due to a trauma such as burns or an injury can benefit from hair transplant as the affected area can be covered and signs of trauma no longer remain obvious.

Traction alopecia is another issue that a lot of women face as they constantly pull their hair for different hairstyles. They may be tied together in a tight manner as well. In such cases of hair loss, transplant can be effective since large areas of scalp may lose hair.

Females that have undergone hair loss as a result of a previous surgery can also benefit from it. A cosmetic surgery may have ill effects on the hair situation and a transplant may become a viable option.

Consult your doctor

If you have extensive hair loss and you are not sure if you should opt for a hair transplant or not, seek professional help and consult with a doctor. Only a doctor can best guide you whether or not you should opt for a hair transplant procedure. It may be the first step in getting hair back on your scalp and feel great again.

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