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Facial Hair Restoration for Men

Facial Hair Transplant such as moustaches or beard Hair transplant surgeries have become commonplace as more and more people seek a permanent hair loss solution. The techniques too have greatly evolved and better results can be had. Apart from transplanting hair on the scalp newer technology is allowing transplant to take place on the face as well. This has revolutionized the hair transplant industry as more and more people are seeking facial hair restoration for men.

Many people have week beards and moustaches and want to have a thicker appearance of one or both of them. For this purpose, Facial Hair Transplant such as moustaches or beard in Dubai is a fantastic option. It is quite similar to the transplant carried out on the scalp. Let’s learn more about it to better understand.

Why Facial Hair Transplant is a good option?

In most cultures, having a beard or moustache is considered to be important and a symbol of masculinity. Having a weak or patchy beard or moustache generally does not reflect well on the overall persona. For some, this can lead to unwanted comments from those around you and it can be very annoying.

Having thicker facial hair can add to one’s confidence. They can become an important feature of the overall personality. It adds many options as to how you can style your appearance and offer you more options than just shaving your facial hair off. If you have patchy facial hair, a transplant is the perfect option for you.

Facial Transplant techniques

The techniques usually employed for a traditional hair transplant performed on the scalp are Follicular Unit Transplant (also known as the strip method) and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Both are highly effective but when it comes to facial hair transplant for men, the latter is preferred as it allows the surgeon to extract exactly how many grafts are needed. Besides, FUE also offers a greater success rate.

The transplant procedure is the same as the scalp which starts with numbing down of the donor and recipient areas. Grafts are collected from the donor region and grafted with the help of micro-grafting technique into the specially crafted incisions on the face.

The procedure takes several hours though the exact time will depend on the technique used and the number of grafts involved. In any case, you should go home the same day.

What to expect post procedure?

You will need to take a couple of days off from work after the treatment. There will be some discomfort and it is important that medications given by the doctor are consumed to relieve discomfort and counter any risk of contracting an infection. You should also undertake all the necessary precautions recommended by the doctor.

Shaving will have to be avoided for at least a couple of weeks. In two weeks times, the newly transplanted hair will fall away in a process that is known as shedding or shock loss. Some of the existing, healthy hair on the face may also fall off as a result of shock loss. The facial hair will take a few months to come out from their new sites. In the next six to eight months, you should have your new beard and moustache reaching normal lengths.

How good are the actual results?

The results are excellent as the new facial hair help in boosting the personality. Within a few months, one can enjoy a stronger mustache and beard and feel more confident about himself. So, if you too have a patchy beard and want to make it strong and bushy, facial hair transplant may be your best bet.

If you are looking for beard hair transplant or moustaches hair restoration then consult our experts today to learn more about it. At Dubai Hair Club we offer free consultations for our clients from UAE and neighboring Gulf countries. To book your free appointment now, fill the consultation form on our website.


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