Celebrity Hair Transplant in Dubai Salman Khan ProcedureRecently hair transplant has become so much popular that not only ordinary people but also celebrities are undergoing this procedure. Many famous celebrities have already got their lost hair back using this technique. People around the globe can’t have enough of their favorite stars and are willing to go a long way just to catch a glimpse of them. Many of them enjoy cult following. The celebs are all too aware of this status they enjoy and want to appear their very best at all times. A small blip in the appearance can become scandalous.

Much like the rest of us, they too are humans and have issues just like anyone else. Both men and women of glitz and glam have their own beauty battles to fight. Hair loss is a major problem faced by many male celebrities. While they get to use the world’s best hair care products money can buy, a battle against natural hair loss is often a lost cause and one eventually goes bald.

So how do these famous people appear with such fantastic hair at all times? Well, many of them get hair transplantation in UAE – a new hub of business, tourism and entertainment. There are many celebrities who have admitted to going under the knife for hair restoration purpose, but still a great many deny it or do not talk about it at all. It is usually hush hush stuff and often performed with great care and secrecy.

Celebrity hair transplant in Dubai takes place quite frequently and quite quietly. One of the names that made a lot rounds in the news was that of Salman Khan – one of the three most influential Bollywood Khans. The Sultan star has rumored to have undergone at least one hair transplant in Dubai and the strong hairline of the 50-year-old does suggest that he may have gotten a procedure done. He had earlier shown receding hairline during different events.

Why Celebrities need Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is the only permanent solution for hair loss. In order to understand why this happens, one must understand the cause of hair fall. A hereditary condition known as androgenic alopecia affects most people in the world. It causes release of a hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT weakens the hair follicles and causes hair fall. The resultant hair loss is also referred to as male pattern baldness.

The transplanted hairs are taken from the back and the sides of the scalps which are naturally resistant to the ill effects of the hormone. Once the hairs are transplanted, they maintain their ability to fight DHT in their new location as well. These hairs do not undergo further loss in time to come.

It usually takes a year for the transplanted hair to grow to full length. Once this happens, you can adopt any hairstyle of your liking and enjoy the good looks. So whether you like long locks or short sharp hair, you can pull of any style after a hair transplant surgery.

So, don’t let thinning hair sap your confidence, rather get a move on and see a hair transplant surgeon in Dubai. You too can maintain the fantastic looks like many celebrities who have undergone hair transplant in United Arab Emirates to reverse hair loss and restore their youthful looks.