Thinking of Body Hair Transplant?Body to head Hair Transplant in Dubai

If you are a victim of severely bald condition or have limited donor area and rejected by a clinic then you are not alone. At Dubai Hair Club we have a solution for you. Using the latest body hair transplant procedure the hair loss can be treated using advanced body hair to head technique.

For most people, there is a lot of importance of appearing well. They make a big effort to ensure everything is in place. A slight blip in their persona can badly affect their image. However, many such people have to compromise with one issue, hair loss!

Hair loss is a natural process that affects the majority of the world’s population at some stage in life, regardless of their gender or ethnicity or nationality. The perfect solution to this problem is to get a hair transplant surgery done. However, in some rare cases, the hair loss is so widespread that there is no donor hair available for transplantation.

In such a case, the only solution is a body hair transplant in Dubai. The idea is to make use of body hair and restore your much loved locks. It is a relatively new phenomenon but surely it will become common practice in near future. Let’s dig in to learn more about Body Hair Transplantation.

How does BHT work?

The transplant works on the same lines as any other Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The only main difference is the donor area which instead of being the side or the back of the scalp is the body. Hair follicles may be collected from the legs, back and the chest of the individual. Individual follicles are collected with the help of a pneumatic punch and are ready to be transplanted.

The surgeon then makes incisions in the areas where the transplant needs to be performed and places these follicles individually using the micro grafting technique. Since there is a huge donor supply available, more than ten thousand grafts may be placed on the scalp. However, this can only be done in multiple sessions. Much like any other hair transplant procedure, it will take about a year for the hair to fully grow out.

Why body to head transplant is a good option?

It is a fantastic option especially for people with extensive hair loss. They can regain their hair with a very natural look with their own supply of hair. Many people are not good candidates of hair restoration through surgery due to a week donor area as they do not have any grafts available. This problem can also be solved with Body Hair Transplantation in Dubai.

How are the results of BHT?

The results are amazing as a person can go from being completely bald to having a thick presence of hair. Body hair transplant in UAE has a very natural result as closely resembling hair are extracted from the body and then carefully placed in the recipient site. Hair from the legs is used to build the frontal region as its thin appearance gels in well with other hair present there. The thicker follicles from the back or chest are used to build volume in the lateral parts of the scalp. All in all, once the hair grows to full length, it looks perfectly in place and not even your hair stylist can detect that it has been taken from body.

If you are seeking cost effective body hair transplant in UAE, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or Al Ain, contact Dubai Hair Club now and benefit from our world class hair transplant services.